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Temby Product Warranty

6 year comprehensive warranty

Congratulations on purchasing your Temby Instrument, we are confident it will provide you with years of playing enjoyment. Please be sure to follow the instructions below to care for it, in order to maintain the warranty provided.

Simply – Anything that is the instrument’s fault is covered but not anything that is the fault of the user or any other person or event.

To maintain your high quality instrument to the highest standard it is important to have it serviced and adjusted regularly by our approved technicians.

Your product must have been purchased from an authorised Temby dealer or direct from Temby Australia otherwise no warranty applies. To confirm that the person or business that you are buying your Temby product from is an authorised dealer, please contact us.


Our warranty does not include:

  • Accidental or malicious damage or misuse
  • Deterioration of lacquer or plating finishes by reason of perspiration acid, atmospheric conditions or other external causes including non factory approved cleaning agents.
  • Pads, felts, corks including normal wear and tear.
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Warranty not valid unless signed by an authorised representative of Temby Australia