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Eric Bolvin

Award-winning composer & arranger, Eric Bolvin is one of the industry’s busiest working trumpeters and exceptionally well known and respected as a teacher, composer and publisher of brass-related methods, now plays a Temby Vintage model Trumpet (Bob Venier model).

Eric has recorded on over 50 CDs for many indie labels as well as A&M Records and Mesa/Blue Moon Records. He has performed or recorded with Russell Ferrante, Jeff lorber, dennis chambers and greg adams and his compositions have been performed by Jerry bergonzi, Ernie Watts, grant geissman and many others.

Here’s an email conversation between Eric Bolvin and David Temby in 2011 after Steve Hall, Australian trumpet player sent his Temby Vintage Trumpet for Eric to try out.

Hi, Steve Hall just sent me a Temby Vintage Trumpet and I love it! Here’s my site

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the compliment on my horns. This one is 2005 model and was played (until Steve purchased it) by a strong lead player in Melbourne. It has had a lot of playing during that time and a few repairs to the lead pipe – straightening and stay resolders. I am originally a trumpet player, and I do all the design, modelling and development work (having a couple of decades of design and manufacturing of saxophones and flutes) and our partners who make some boutique horns do all our heavy engineering work. We do the final work in our Melbourne workshops including customising. I recall I did some minor bell mods to this horn – very slightly thinner at the rim than normal. The bore and tapers are similar to Bach 37 but you will notice the horn is lighter weight. We use a rose brass alloy on that model (not as much copper as gold brass)

Some players like this model cryo treated also – gives a little more focus and upper partial harmonic embellishment.
Again, many thanks for your nice comments
Kind regards,

Thanks Dave! I had a Bach 37 and like the Vintage more. It also seems heavier. What do you call the water keys? So you do the cryo? What does that cost?

Thanks Eric,
That’s excellent news. Maybe it’s the medium heavy valve caps on this Vintage that makes it feel heavier? Water keys are “Amado” style but with a slight difference that I worked out . Cryo – we do a deep cyclic cryo which takes @ 10 hours – it’s the best way for horns in my experience – $150 does the job

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