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Bob Venier

Bob Venier now plays his own Temby Vintage Custom “BV” model trumpet with Marcinkiewicz 3/3c concert hall mouthpiece. Recognised as one of Australia’s leading trumpet players, Bob has been in constant demand as both a studio session musician and a jazz soloist for the last three decades.

David Temby “When i was a young player, I was captivated by Bob Venier playing beautiful lyrical jazz lines. He has remained my absolute favourite flugelhorn player since. Bob has been perhaps Australia’s most versatile professional trumpet player for decades now, and his playing is as precise and heartfelt as ever. To have Bob playing one of my horns is a dream come true. He play tested a number of Temby models including cryo treated silver custom models, but finally settled on a custom raw brass “Vintage” instrument which we then modified to become his own signature model. His sound is magical on this horn – thanks Bob!”

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