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Temby Professional Silver Plated Trumpet


This model performs at the high level expected by professional players, but is equally at home with advancing students looking to develop confidence and skills.

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Temby Professional Silver Plated Trumpet

The TEMBY PROFESSIONAL SILVER PLATED TRUMPET (rose brass bell) has slightly more focus to the sound (compared to the lacquered version) whilst retaining a beautiful tonal structure. If you are a commercial or lead player, you may also wish to have this trumpet Cycralign™ treated by us. This process will give you even more “sizzle” and focus to your sound, and speed up the airflow.

This is an excellent “all-round” trumpet for those wanting a clear yet colourful sound. The ML bore (.460″) provides a nice easy blow with enough support for the air column to work effectively in the higher ranges. The notes lock in to their centre really easily even in the high and extreme registers.

This model performs at the high levels demanded by professional players, but is equally at home with an advancing student in school concert and stage bands, ensembles, orchestras and exam work. This horn will encourage students to develop confidence and skills with more ease.

Temby trumpet valves and slides are fast, smooth and precise, and they are incredibly reliable. You will play the monel pistons “in”, not wear them out!

The rose brass bell is made with high copper content brass, and the rest of the horn is made from yellow brass. This combination makes this instrument very responsive whilst maintaining a nice warm and broad sound. For most players, the silver plating livens and lightens the sound up more than the lacquered version.

Intonation and evenness of tone across the range, are excellent. The horn is also well balanced and very comfortable to hold in those longer practice sessions or performances.

This is an excellent choice for those searching for great value in a world class trumpet.

Finished in high lustre silver plate, this trumpet looks beautiful and is supplied with a deluxe backpack case.

Temby artist Iain McLachlan with his silver Temby Professional Cycralign Trumpet and Warburton mouthpiece.


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