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Matthew Tubman’s “Tubstar” model


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Now you can play Temby Trumpet Artist – Matthew Tubman’s very own Temby custom trumpet model.

Hand assembled and hand finished – one at a time. Every horn is rigorously play tested and obtains the “seal of approval” by Matthew, before being handed over to it’s new owner.

Just like Matthew’s own horn, the “Tubstar” features a Temby 725L lightweight yellow brass bell. It has an early taper with a 5″ bell diameter. For comparison purposes, this bell is similar in dimensions to a traditional “72” design, but takes advantage of thinner, more responsive walls, and a larger 5” bell diameter. This widens the spread of sound, and provides the player with more feedback.

The bore is ML .460″, and the standard “Tubstar” comes with medium heavy bottom caps, and two 1″ and one 1.5″ hollow valve bottom cap extenders, to replicate the configuration that Matthew prefers on his own horn.

The blow is open, and the tone is broad. The lightweight bell allows for a wider range of tonal colours and faster response. The balance of the horn makes this a very comfortable horn to play for extended periods. Although the tone is broad, this horn has a defined core which makes it equally at home as a lead horn, or as an all round “workhorse”. For a very capable lead horn, the bottom end is also huge.

This trumpet has it’s own individual look with hand finished “fine matting” of the raw brass bell and silver plated leadpipe and sections of the valve slides. It’s a mixture of classic and contemporary.

comprehensive 6 year warranty

AVAILABLE OPTIONS (at additional cost)

“As “Extra options on Matthew Tubman’s own horn … I have fitted “MAW” valves plus Harrelson tops and finger buttons. Having more options gives the player the choice of adding individual components to achieve the best individual result” .… David Temby

MAW Valves encourage a more free airflow. Sound waves traveling through the instrument are less disrupted. Playing is easier. There is a more focussed sound with less effort. Notes and slots tend to be more stable with increased clarity.

The MAW valve

CYCRALIGN ™ treatment has enhanced the vibrational characteristics, harmonic structure and airflow of Matthew’s original trumpet.

The Cycralign™ process has been used for a number of years to alter metals and alloys at a molecular level to improve structure, strength, wear and vibration coefficients. The process is based on extensive scientific research, testing and proven efficiency in the reduction and even elimination of the residual stresses caused by manufacture. In alloy metals, imperfect rows of atoms are stacked densely on top of each other. When metal is heated (soldered), bent, milled, pressed etc, the atoms can be pushed apart and whole planes are forced out of alignment, known metallurgically as dislocating. With the advanced “cycling” process used by Cycralign™ as opposed to standard one step cryogenic processes anchored in the 1960’s, the results of the treatment are stress reduced products with a regulated and homogenous molecular and crystal structure.

CASE is not included as most players will have their own preferences. Should you wish to add a case, please contact me for options to suit your requirements.

Matthew Tubman:“In 2015 the David Temby Hand Assembled Trumpet #2015-3 was born and after what started as a two week trial to see how the horn would behave in a big band section, I’ve just not been able to put the horn down. I had previously been playing a Yamaha Xeno NY which is also an amazing horn. The Temby was not only keeping up with it, but giving me a lot more tonal fullness and variation and a lot less resistance, Especially in those moments where I had been screaming in the upper register and then had to back off and blend into the trumpet section or jump straight into a ballad.

In my mind there was no question what horn I needed to be performing on. It allows me to blend in big band and wind band trumpet section and equally sits on a section if playing 1st or lead trumpet. It’s smooth and airy on jazz and zings on lead. I’ve not come across a more versatile trumpet and to be able to watch Dave assemble and modify before my eyes is something trumpeters in Australia rarely
have the opportunity to experience.

Having Dave’s knowledge of physics and metal working skills on top of his education as a trumpeter and musician is really a dream come true. To have someone in Australia designing and assembling parts from Australia and all over the world to produce a trumpet that is designed and built for me is an honour.”

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MAW Valves


Cycralign™ Treatment