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Temby Customised Trumpet – 2014 No.7

Here’s another Temby horn that plays as great as it looks! This is a perfect “all round” horn for the “one horn quiver”.

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Temby Customised- 2014 No.7

Built on the BV Vintage model, with Temby’s 375 yellow brass standard weight bell with 5″ diameter, instead of the rose brass bell.

This horn offers an evenness of tone across all registers, and produces a bright tone with excellent projection. A great “all-round” horn for versatility.

General specifications:

All Temby Professional and Custom Trumpets feature ML .460″ bore, yellow brass valve section, monel pistons, amado water keys, West Australian mother of pearl valve top inserts, medium heavy bottom caps, deluxe backpack case, D and rounded tuning slides (except reverse leadpipe custom models) and comprehensive 6 year warranty.