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Temby Customised Trumpet – 2014 No.3

Lightweight “all round” horn with reverse nickel silver leadpipe and main tuning slide. James Kapaun really “takes off” with his new trumpet!

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Temby Customised – 2014 No.3


Here is a horn that is designed and made to be a really free and easy blow, with loads of reactivity to the player, plus give plenty of projection and cut, without thinning out too much and backing up upstairs. That’s a big ask!!!

“I started with the Temby valve and slide section that is proven to be fast and smooth operating, plus ultra reliable. This section is silver plated to add more life to the sound. I then fitted a nickel silver reverse leadpipe, main tuning slide and 3rd valve entry tube to the horn, plus a yellow brass medium weight, profiled mouthpiece receiver. This combination enables more reactivity of the tubing, aids the acceleration of airflow and gives the horn an immediate responsiveness.”

“The bell is a Temby #375L  lightweight yellow brass bell with a standard taper and 5″ bell. This bell encourages more focus to the sound and lights up the sound at higher volumes. At lower to medium volumes, it still has a nice core with plenty of versatility, colour and clarity”.

“The bottom caps are medium weight which helps slotting, and the valve top touches are made from shell harvested off the coast of Broome, Western Australia.”   David Temby


James Kapaun was introduced to Temby trumpets by his former teacher and Temby Artist Paul Thorne who has been playing his Temby Vintage series trumpet for around 10 years. Paul has been one of Sydney’s first call studio and TV trumpet players for many years, and was part of James Morrison’s Scream Machine.

James had completed his Degree in Jazz and was searching for a new horn that would be versatile as a “one horn quiver”, plus would allow him to produce his own voice for jazz work.

After test playing many, many horns of most brands and models over a long time, he settled on this Temby hand assembled trumpet and is thrilled that he made this choice.

General specifications:

All Temby Professional and Custom Trumpets feature ML .460″ bore, yellow brass valve section, monel pistons, amado water keys, West Australian mother of pearl valve top inserts, medium heavy bottom caps, deluxe backpack case, D and rounded tuning slides (except reverse leadpipe custom models) and comprehensive 6 year warranty.