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Temby Blues Horn SERIES 2 Tenor Saxophone


Australian music icon Joe Camilleri’s own signature horn. Limited Edition of 10

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The Blues Horn SERIES 2 - Joe Camilleri Limited Edition #2 :: by David Temby and Temby Australia

Combining bold cutting edge designs, science and technology with “saxophone traditions” has always been the hallmark of Temby saxophones.

Here is the latest in David Temby’s masterful creations. The finish of The Blues Horn SERIES 2 is a tribute to the famous and collectable Grafton saxophones.

Only 10 of this limited edition saxophone will ever be made. Will this be a collectable saxophone?  … only time will tell!

The Grafton saxophone was an injection moulded, cream-coloured acrylic alto saxophone with metal keys, manufactured in London, England by the Grafton company, and later by ‘John E. Dallas & Sons Ltd’. Only Grafton altos were ever made, due to the challenges in making larger models with 1950s plastic technology. Production commenced in 1950 and ended after approximately ten years. However, a few last examples were assembled from residual parts circa 1967. All tools, machinery and jigs required to manufacture the Grafton were sold for scrap and subsequently destroyed in 1968.

Here is a beautiful piece of future history. This unique saxophone model has a smooth “silky milky” look. To produce a saxophone with this finish has been a huge challenge which has been conquered with more than a year of rigorous work. The result is stunning.

Combine the epoxy enamelled and oven baked hard finish with the smooth and luxurious bright silver plate on the keywork and we now have a timeless classic saxophone. This tenor “drips” with luxury!

The idea for this model eminated from Australian music icon Joe Camilleri who is a self confessed admirer of the Grafton Saxophones. After having worked for a few years with David Temby, developing Joe’s first (and current) Temby tenor saxophone – “The Blues Horn – Joe Camilleri Model”,  both David and Joe started work on the next evolution of this soulful and powerful saxophone. The new release is really an amazing saxophone and deserves wide acclaim.

And now for the playing …….

Like all other Temby horns, this tenor has a really relaxed and easy airlow. This makes it easy to play straight up, but more importantly helps you to increase endurance. The intonation is about as accurate as you will ever find on a any saxophone ever produced. In fact, you have to stop “biting up” on the high notes of these horns and just allow the sax to play in tune for you – no compromising your embouchure here. That has to be very good news to a lot of players.

The sound of The Blues Horn SERIES 2 is best described as ………… actually, we can conjure up a zillion words to attempt to describe it but, really ……. you have to play it!

A few really nice things ……..

The low C key is the same as all recent Temby horns – shaped for ergonomically secure finger positioning. The pressure is reduced and balanced for the player’s weakest finger (the smallest finger). The low Eb is unique to this model. It facilitates fast and smooth transitions from Eb to C and allows for secure finger location for other intervals.

There is no high F# for a few very important reasons. Firstly, the extra keywork to add an F# adds weight, mass and extra sound deadening solder to the body. The body then becomes less responsive to the player. Secondly, the high F# tone hole interferes with the harmonic structure of saxophones, so we have done away with the “hole”. The horn plays with more harmonic colours this way. This also allows the altissimo to centre more easily and adds power in the stratospheric range. For those that are now getting worried – dont! – there are alternate fingerings for high F# that are just as easy to play and sometimes easier than using a dedicated key.

Two necks come with each horn. One which is hand hammered from brass and then “Grafton colour” finished. The second neck is hand hammered from rose brass and fine silver plated over. Each neck has a different response, airflow structure and tone. Again, you need to try them both out to feel and hear the difference.

6 year warranty

Temby Deluxe Flight Case

Lightweight case with loads of room for accessories. Strong construction, external detachable and expandable pocket – large enough for music books. Weather resistant zip. Quality handles and detachable backpack straps.

And if you need to be convinced more … the brilliant new model backpack case comes with it for free!

2 reviews for "Temby Blues Horn SERIES 2 Tenor Saxophone"

  1. :

    All that work to produce only ten horns?

    Sounds like a vote of low confidence in the product.

  2. :

    Thankyou for your comment. This model was designed and built specifically for Joe Camilleri. It made a lot of sense to make 10 instruments as a limited edition as there would be people who would be interested in playing the same horn as Joe. This is not a vote of low confidence, however if you have any further questions I am happy to answer. Thankyou, David Temby

  3. :

    So, in other words, your company determined there would be about ten people who “would be interested in playing the same horn as Joe.”

  4. :

    Thanks for your further comments. We are a smaller sized company which allows us the ability to produce small product model runs. We are very proud of the quality and features of our instruments. If you haven’t test played one of these horns, we can let you know if we have a dealer in your area.

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