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Temby Flute Headjoints


Advanced designs, hand finished.

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Nickel Silver Headjoint

Ideal headjoint for the beginning to advancing intermediate student – makes playing really easy. Over the years we have seen more players advance their sound and skill levels quicker than any other student priced headjoint.

Elite Series Headjoint

The Elite Series is a great headjoint for advancing intermediate to professional flautists – even some symphony orchestra players use our silver headjoint. More volume, projection, warmth of sound, higher dynamic range, clarity, evenness of tone throughout the full range

Artist Series Headjoint

The advanced design and attention to detail in crafting the Temby Artist flute head joint ensures that the player’s energy, maximises the level of performance of the instrument.

The .925 sterling silver tube, lip plate, riser, disk and crown assist in creating a mix of clarity and projection whilst retaining a colourful, full sound.

The hand cut and finished embouchure hole allows for an easier airflow, enhanced control and accuracy of articulation and intonation.

This head joint model is included with Temby Artist flutes.

It may also be an option to increase the performance level of an older model flute.  Many musicians that play on an “old favorite” flute are very surprised by how much better their flute plays with a modern headjoint.


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