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Richard Maegraith

Richard Maegraith is proud to endorse Temby Australian Saxophones, serviced exclusively by Scott Mackenzie at The Music Place, Sydney. He performs in the Richard Maegraith Band, and plays first tenor in the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra and is co-founder with cellist Ollie Miller in Amphibious. He also performs in commercial settings, such as with The Black Sorrows and musical theatre, including Jersey Boys.

‘The exceptional tenor saxophonist Richard Maegraith played the first solo and it was a tour de force of angular developmental lines, fierce squalling and knotty complexes. His sound was dark and beautifully grained, gritty when he roared out, and it brought the house down’. John Clare, Wangaratta Jazz Festival, 2009

I have played a number of Temby Australia tenor, alto & soprano saxophones. All of these instruments, in each of their models, had an ease of sound production, accurate intonation & uniformity of sound that I have scarcely found in other makes of saxophones. The tenor & alto models that I eventually selected are both Temby Vintage Series saxophones.

I was immediately drawn to the dark sound they produced; the low notes from Bb to C# all spoke with the same amount of air pressure & produced a consistent tone. The C# was as strong as the Bb, the B wasn’t muffled AND the D was in tune!

The action feels good. David Temby takes great pride in each saxophone made, & was keen to make sure it was set up how I wanted it to be.

What has been an especially good thing is the sound production from the left hand palm keys. Again, the tone colour & dynamic range is consistent with the rest of the saxophone. It is a full sound, not thin & pinched, & moves easily into the altissimo register.

The altissimo tuning accuracy indicates the fundamental low notes I mentioned earlier; If a saxophone is not in tune down low, the altissimo will reveal that.

I wholeheartedly recommend Temby saxophones to any saxophonist of any ability.

Richard Maegraith
Photo by Alex Hamilton

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