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Temby Customised Trumpet – 2014 No.1

World first!  Micro-Diamond particles Cycralign™ processed to the outside and inside of bell. Building commenced 2011 and  …..

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Temby Customised – 2014 No.1



“I started working on ways to release the airflow from the inside surfaces of of horns many years ago. In the same way that the dimples in golf balls, and some racing bicycle wheels encourage the air to detach (de-laminate) from the surface and aid penetration through the air, resistance to airflow in brass instruments could be reduced by using similar concepts.”

“A reduction in back pressure generally results in an acceleration of air particles which in turn livens up the sound of instruments”

“Denting a bell multiple times is not great to look at, and it is impossible to create evenness in dent shapes, sizes and patterns. Pouring epoxy down the inside of a bell and allowing it to harden and create an uneven surface is also not controllable”

“Diamonds refined to identical particle sizes that we Cycralign™ processed to the inner and outer surfaces of the bell of this trumpet show a measurable result. Without our Cycralign™ process, the potential problem is that diamonds could “fall off” if the instrument is dented, bent or suffered other damage, or simply, vibrations caused by playing may weaken the bond.”

“By processing the finished bell with my Cycralign™ process, the diamond particles lock into the surface molecules of the brass and become a homogenous structure. The diamond is there to stay! ….. The bell was completed 4 years ago and the diamonds are still perfectly integrated”


“The bell has a similar wall thickness of 85% copper (rose brass) and the initial taper is similar to a traditional Bach 37 style. This bell is slightly larger at 5″ which widens the sound a little. The monel pistons are fast, smooth and have a nice throw distance – not too far. The lead pipe has a dual wall where the inner is a standard taper yellow brass and the outer is .935 sterling silver with parallel walls with medium thickness.”

“Bore size is ML at .460, yellow brass is used throughout (except the bell and lead pipe outer), the bottom caps are medium weight and the main tuning slide is interchangeable with D or U style profiles. there is a unique bell to valve block stay.

“There is a diamond lead pipe that I fitted originally to the horn, but the result  showed that there was just too much messing with the airflow and reactivity of the structure.”


“Well ………  How do you describe a horn that is like no other?  To be blunt, you will either love or hate the way it plays. To me, at low to medium volumes, it is an easy blow with a big, broad warm sound with a nice core. At high and extreme volumes, it takes off and soars and has a distinct focus. This is a very, very loud horn when you need it, but it does take some energy from the player. The slots are great – the horn takes you to them nicely. Intonation is really, really good. Where is it not so good? I think you have to be a strong player to get on well with this horn. For some testers, it backs up a little in the middle register, for others it doesnt.”

“In any case, this is a first for Australia, and I am very proud to say that something good has started! You be the judge!”

David Temby

General specifications:

All Temby Professional and Custom Trumpets feature ML .460″ bore, yellow brass valve section, monel pistons, amado water keys, West Australian mother of pearl valve top inserts, medium heavy bottom caps, deluxe backpack case, D and rounded tuning slides (except reverse leadpipe custom models) and comprehensive 6 year warranty.