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Temby Vintage Tenor Saxophone


The Vintage tenor saxophone is the trusted favourite of many jazz players.

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Vintage Tenor

This horn is the favourite of many professional jazz players.

This is one of the most expressive saxophones ever – it allows you to be what you want to be – it doesn’t try to copy anything or any other player’s sound – it will be true to you.

You would think that our vintage model sax is a living and breathing thing. Our vintage horn’s sound develops quickly – particularly over the first 100 or so hours of playing. What typically happens is that the sound will grow into your individual voice. Whether that is rich and mellow like the great sound of the 50’s or warm and room filling like the 30’s or even the up to date attack and projection demanded by todays generation of sax monsters – It’s your call – let our horn be your voice and soul.

The Temby Australia Vintage tenor saxophone is the trusted favourite of many professional jazz players including Adam Simmons, Robert Glaesemann, Phil Bywater and Robert Jackson.

The proven ‘Últra Keywork’ design is renowned for its efficient, fast, smooth and silent action. If you are recording, you will appreciate the lessening or complete absence of mechanical noise.

Interesting high F# concept
The Temby Vintage is available with an optional high F# key. Without the high F# key there are less posts soldered to the body of the horn, which means there is less metal and solder to inhibit the resonance of the body. There is a distinct change to the overall tone of the Vintage if the interference from the high F# key is removed. When you play a Temby Vintage (no F#), you will also find less interference with the airflow in the top part of the body due to the absence of the high F# tone hole. You will be playing a horn that is more reactive and responsive to air flow and pressure. The difference is astounding and well worth experiencing for yourself.

Unlacquered raw brass neck, body, bell and keywork.
This finish allows for the instrument to age rapidly creating a genuine vintage patina.

The Case

The GL deluxe shaped flight case is a standard accessory with this model tenor saxophone. It is extremely light weight and incredibly strong. Finished in a carbon fibre “look” completes the beautiful tenor sax package.

GL Carbon Fibre Print Shaped Flight Case